by Howard Coster, half-plate film negative, 1926

“I am starting a revolution; I am re-forming the line.”

This thought is made up of two influences. The first came to me after reading G. K. Chesterton’s “The Eternal Revolution” from his book, Orthodoxy and seeing the quandary of moral relativism of our time.  The second came to me as I watched King Theodan give the command at the Battle of Pelennor Fields to “Re-form the line”.  He did not say to form a new battle plan nor a new unit; but to take the existing unit and re-form their line of defense.

Aware of what is really happening…

Thus, the thoughts and occasional articles I post in this blog all have as connective tissue, these two combined ideas: “It is futile to talk of reform without reference to form.” (Chesterton, The Superstition of Divorce) and Chesterton’s idea that a conservative thinker is really a revolutionist in disguise.   So I’m going back and looking at where we were before I accept where we are: are the “reforms” really repairing the form or are they trying to introduce things that are really just destroying the form?  I am looking at the connections between seemingly disparate ideas and events from the past and comparing them to the ideas and events in our day and hopefully pointing out their “disguised” similarities clearly enough to you, my reader, so that we will both be aware of what is really happening.  As I do this, there may be the sound of a sharp call – I hope a sound  “Yea, cool and clear and sudden as a bird sings in the grey..” from my posts.  I am engaged daily in the battle for re-forming the line in my own life with the purpose of God at the top of the list and I encourage you, dear reader,  to awaken from the distractions of the mundane and do the same.  Start your own revolution in your life.