For addressing the same ideas as Mr. Chesterton

Tucker Carlson

In style and purpose, Mr. Carlson is approaching the wellbeing of America differently than the usual pundit—not as a shrill populist, but as a bona fide distributist. In this sense, he resembles less the “Mad as Hell” angry news anchor Howard Beale in Network that Kyle Smith suggests, but more so the famed early-twentieth century writer G.K. Chesterton, who upheld conservative values for the sake of the common man and common sense. ” – Tucker Carlson, The New G. K. Chesterton, The Imaginative Conservative.

I am reposting this because the writer was right and Mr. Carlson was right. And it is always good to go back and look at something to see if its still as true now as it was then, to see if its even more true though at the time seen as offensive, even outrageous. Its what Chesterton himself, the compete thinker, was always doing.

And, yes, this piece passes the test. As Mr. Carlson reminds of a Chesterton truth, there are artificial tiers everywhere throughout the business and governmental constructs and in this case, we now know one of these to be what we call RINOs in the Conservative view and the Republican party, who were defending themselves against Mr. Carlson’s exposure of them.

More importantly, Carlson forewarned of the coming Marxism and Socialism if the same didn’t stop twisting and hiding behind what it meant to be a Conservative. Sadly, his warning went unheeded and we are now, 2 years later, exactly were he predicted we’d be.

Carlson also observed in this now famous monologue, the same fundamental truth that Chesterton pointed out about the Rich elite in so many of his essays: That the working poor don’t want the Rich Elite’s “charity” that they arrogantly believe they are better at doling out to the working poor through middle man non-profits than the the working poor are at making their own decisions about using their own money. They want the Rich Elite, the CEOs, those who think they are the leaders and movers and shakers, to stop robbing them of what they justly should be earning so that such profit disproportionately off of them and live more extravagantly at their expense.

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