A Chesterton Summer Reading Program

“We all know what is national madness. But what is national sanity?”

– G. K. Chesterton, What Is Wrong With The World

This is a summer reading program to recommend for you and for those you are witnessing to during these turbulent times and are searching for answers and hope.

If you are wanting to read a writer who makes common sense genius, who can deconstruct the world and tell you how it works and how it got that way, further, what the solution is and *who* has always had it, you can look no further than G.K. Chesterton.

I would recommend 4 books (though he wrote many more) to start to give you the picture of how things fit together in an understandable way that in his own words felt like this:

“When once these two parts of the two machines had come together, one after another, all the other parts fitted and fell in with an eerie exactitude. I could hear bolt after bolt over all the machinery falling into its place with a kind of click of relief. Having got one part right, all the other parts were repeating that rectitude, as clock after clock strikes noon. Instinct after instinct was answered by doctrine after doctrine. Or, to vary the metaphor, I was like one who had advanced into a hostile country to take one high fortress. And when that fort had fallen the whole country surrendered and turned solid behind me. The whole land was lit up, as it were, back to the first fields of my childhood.” (Orthodoxy)

These are the books which can be found to read at your local library, for purchase or online for free.

➡️ What’s Wrong With the World (Audiobook: 7 hours) 
➡️ The Outline of Sanity ( online text file) 
➡️ Orthodoxy (Audiobook: 6 hours)
➡️ The Everlasting Man ( Audiobook: 8 hours) 

UPDATE: I have one other book to add: The Bible.  It is the most important book you will ever read. I do not recommend an online version.  I suggest that you purchase one, preferably an older translation.  Commit as much as you are able to memory.

Starting out with the problem and ending with the solution. Get reading!

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