In Remembrance Of Our Veterans…

Some interesting thoughts on Veteran’s Day from Midwest Chesterton News, 3 (May, 1991). As always, the Apostle of Common Sense reminds us remarkably of the ordinary point that war and will are the adversaries. And that to end war now without the Kingdom would only encourage criminality.

“In 1916, Chesterton wrote two columns on war. President Wilson thought that war was to make the world safe for democracy. And others, as Chesterton noted, thought that World War I would be “the war that will end all wars.” Chesterton, however, immediately recognized that the ending of wars logically implied something more sinister, something more fundamentally dangerous than war itself.

‘I cannot see how we can literally end War unless we can end Will. I cannot think that war will ever be utterly impossible; and I say so not because I am what these people call a militarist, but rather because I am a revolutionist. Absolutely to forbid fighting is to forbid what our fathers called “the sacred right of insurrection.” Against some decisions no self-respecting men can be prevented from appealing to fortune and to death (CW, XXX, 531).'” – G. K. Chesterton

More on GKC on War

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