The point is that Man does what he likes. He claims the right to take his mother Nature under his control; he claims the right to make his child the Superman, in his image. Once flinch from this creative authority of man, and the whole courageous raid which we call civilization wavers and falls to pieces. Now most modern freedom is at root fear. It is not so much that we are too bold to endure rules; it is rather that we are too timid to endure responsibilities. And Mr. Shaw and such people are especially shrinking from that awful and ancestral responsibility to which our fathers committed us when they took the wild step of becoming men. I mean the responsibility of affirming the truth of our human tradition and handing it on with a voice of authority, an unshaken voice. That is the one eternal education; to be sure enough that something is true that you dare to tell it to a child. From this high audacious duty the moderns are fleeing on every side; and the only excuse for them is, (of course,) that their modern philosophies are so half-baked and hypothetical that they cannot convince themselves enough to convince even a newborn babe. This, of course, is connected with the decay of democracy; and is somewhat of a separate subject. Suffice it to say here that when I say that we should instruct our children, I mean that we should do it, not that Mr. Sully or Professor Earl Barnes should do it. The trouble in too many of our modern schools is that the State, being controlled so specially by the few, allows cranks and experiments to go straight to the schoolroom when they have never passed through the Parliament, the public house, the private house, the church, or the marketplace. Obviously, it ought to be the oldest things that are taught to the youngest people; the assured and experienced truths that are put first to the baby. But in a school to-day the baby has to submit to a system that is younger than himself. The flopping infant of four actually has more experience, and has weathered the world longer, than the dogma to which he is made to submit. Many a school boasts of having the last ideas in education, when it has not even the first idea; for the first idea is that even innocence, divine as it is, may learn something from experience. But this, as I say, is all due to the mere fact that we are managed by a little oligarchy; my system presupposes that men who govern themselves will govern their children. To-day we all use Popular Education as meaning education of the people. I wish I could use it as meaning education by the people.

-G. K. Chesterton, Authority the Unavoidable, Education: Or the Mistake About the Child, What’s Wrong With the World, 1910

Read the rest of the book online: What’s Wrong With the World

Read the lecture: What’s Wrong With the World (Ahlquist)

Author’s Note:

This past week  I confronted a debate about a very old and accepted scriptural teaching in an online forum.  It is not the first time.  In fact, it has been going on for some time.  But now an obvious and adulterated teaching is being taught to those (and by those) who claim to be faithful Christians.  My response to such a turning I can only express in the following I wrote to a friend:

Is God now to be taught by us? Do we know better than the Almighty and Holy God how best to save a person?

I went on to reflect to my friend my feelings over the matter after much prayer that night:

…I began to feel a creeping sorrow over all who were choosing the other side and essentially rebelling against God. The corruption is widespread. It felt overwhelming. And I began counting in a general way how many of these “skirmishes” have been happening online. They multiply daily. I know they are going on elsewhere – a proper use of imagination can tell us that. And then as I was praying, Psalm 91 came to me about “10 thousand falling by my side.” And I thought of all the times so many have tried to make that into a literal physical meaning only. It is of course a comforting thought about safety – but this is the application he is really talking about: we are watching the vast drove that God prophesied about falling away right in front of our very eyes. But God does protect the spirituality of the righteous with the accurate knowledge of the truth. The Shepherd knows who are his own and he protects them.

In the aftermath,  along with so many events moving like chess pieces on a board, I reflected also on a recent article I had posted online about the indoctrination our young children are going through in public schools  – as Chesterton predicted – an indoctrination and brainwashing that is getting worse.  Worse to the point, that because of this growing embrace of the sin of homosexuality and all its tangential perversions in the name of an insincere love, a school in Nebraska now will not let any of its children claim the identity with which they were born, an identity given them by God: that of being a boy or a girl.  From the National Review: School Told To Call Kids “Purple Penguins” Because ‘Boys and Girls’ Is Not Inclusive of Transgender”

My friend told me to “Read Habakkuk” again.  I did and I continue my prayers.  I encourage you to do the same and trust in God and His Son, Christ Jesus.

UPDATE 10/13/2014

With great sorrow I report that this is what the world is seeing.  What can one do when the shepherds protect the goats at the expense of the sheep?

In the Lord I Take Refuge
…2 For, behold, the wicked bend the bow, They make ready their arrow upon the string To shoot in darkness at the upright in heart. 3 If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?” 4 The LORD is in His holy temple; the LORD’S throne is in heaven; His eyes behold, His eyelids test the sons of men.… ( Psalm 11: 2-4)

CNN BREAKING NEWS Monday, October 13, 2014 12:15 PM EDT

Vatican Signals More Lenient Stance on Gays and Divorce

An important meeting of bishops at the Vatican used remarkably conciliatory language on Monday toward gay and divorced Catholics, signaling a possible easing of the church’s rigid attitudes on homosexuality and the sanctity of marriage.

The gathering of bishops from around the world called on pastors to recognize, among other things, the “positive aspects of civil unions and cohabitation.”

The meeting, or synod, was called by Pope Francis to discuss issues related to the family in contemporary society. A report was given on Monday of the main considerations under debate in the first week of the two-week gathering.

READ MORE » http://www.nytimes.com/…/bishops-signal-tolerance…


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