After all, what is human life?…

For the Christian children of Iraq who have faced a new “Herod” in their innocence….

May our prayers be joined for our brothers and sisters in Iraq. Such evil is beyond comprehension. It is Herod and the massacre of the innocents again in the Christian children of Iraq. God have mercy. Christ have mercy. As some of you already know, the reports of the atrocities, both beheadings and crucifixions, began this afternoon across a number of media. Catholic Online has confirmed with photos of the murders. Please be warned that they are graphic. Continue your prayers through the night. May God be with them. May His hand in his mercy go thus far and no farther. May our brothers and sisters be given the strength during this hour of their need. God help them. God help us all. May the Lord return soon! (the author of this blog,  August 7, 2014)


“Or if the neighbour approaches us carrying a large knife dripping with blood, we may be convinced by his story that he killed another neighbour in self-defence, that the quiet gentleman next door was really a homicidal maniac. We shall know that homicidal mania is exceptional and that we ourselves are so happy as not to suffer from it, and being free from the disease may be free from the danger. But it will not soothe us for the man with the gory knife to say softly and pensively, “After all, what is human life? Why should we cling to it? Brief at the best, sad at the brightest, it is itself but a disease from which, etc., etc.” We shall perceive that the sceptic is in a mood not only to murder us but to massacre everybody in the street.”

-G. K. Chesterton, The Eclipse of Liberty, Eugenics and Other Evils, 1922

Image source: The Massacre of the Innocents, Angelo Visconti

Read more of this book online: Eugenics and Other Evils

Read the lecture: Eugenics and Other Evils (Ahlquist )

Author’s Postscript…

I have seen things last night that no one should have to see in a lifetime – but MUST bear to see – in order to understand what is happening in Iraq. Last night I could not sleep and prayed most of the night for the those in Iraq, trapped in this horror of incomprehensible evil. Please continue to pray for them, for the children and their parents, those who have been massacred in such a horrendous unspeakably evil way and those who know nothing but to await their own deaths. I do not recommend that you look at what I saw. There is nothing to prepare you for it. I pray that this madness stop. I cannot stop what my country’s president decides to do….but whatever he decides to do, let him not make it worse.


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