History Unfolding Right Before Your Very Eyes…


I’ve decided to start posting articles that catch my eye through my blog, where I can make observations, rather than directly post them to social media.  There are a lot of reasons for that, but I choose not to go into them here for the moment.  Perhaps at a later date when I will discuss where social media is going and why we need to re-examine if its worth the time to use it as it is now being used…

The articles below have very much to do with the theme of this blog – re-forming the line. If you want to know more about Re-forming the Line’s theme, go read about it here.

Just Christians…

In the past week, we’ve seen some drastic changes occur in our country by way of our Constitution that beg some reflection – especially if one is a Christian.  They are of historical significance, specifically in light of scripture.  The following article, though pulled from the archives of Touchstone Magazine, was recently revisited and featured through one of the many information streams I follow on a daily basis.  It calls to our attention that as Christians we are just that: Just Christians… and all that clearly implies.

The Fall of the American Empire…

The second article is obliquely referred to in the title of this post and is written by David Kaiser, a professor and historian of international and domestic politics who also writes the blog History Unfolding.  Having discussed the mounting changes that have  occurred in our country (US) over the last few years with a few close friends and synthesizing those conversations along with my own private observations, I was intrigued enough, dare I say, concerned enough, to research the topic: the fall of the American empire.  It drew up quite a full page on Google where there were observations made from Issac Asimov and his Foundation Trilogy to David’s article on his blog.  So without further comment, here are his thoughts with special note of Bruce Wilder’s comment there below.

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