A Glimmer of Paradise

That was my father's Christmas tradition: oranges, apples and walnuts in the shell in our Christmas stockings.  A small but weighty gesture in the toe, it was dismissed as a trifle by us kids against the large corporately produced packages under the tree.  The price of nuts and fruit has risen to make that "trifle" seem extravagant, luxurious, wonderful nostalgia now. Why? Because it is easier to recognize now the worth of such gifts: they were pure, the produced was not. In The Weight of Glory Lewis calls this recognition the longing for paradise and he is right. For the longing has caught up with me, now that I have no child yet of my own to pass oranges, apples and walnuts to in stocking toes. God was right to put a glimmer of paradise in our vision of a child and the simple, but costly gift we want to give them. And we are mistaken to think that anything is more important than what our Heavenly Father meant by that recognition. 


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