To Become the Person God Designed You To Be

If you are serious about being a follower of Jesus Christ, keep a close watch over your behavior and your heart. Strive to learn how to overcome the obstacles you tackle on your way to spiritual maturity.  Learn from those who have successfully gone before you. Read good books by men and women who have lived the faith they profess. Seek to learn the way they utilized the resources God has provided to win the battle.  Study your own life. Learn where you are vulnerable. The lessons you learn about the human heart — particularly your own–will serve you well.  Those lessons will help you avoid opportunity to do the wrong thing and create true humility in your life.  Careful observation and study will help produce the kind of attitude and spiritual sensitivity that is essential for you to become the person God designed you to be. It is a task that requires great diligence, but only this kind of effort will succeed.  When you do, God will be glorified and you will be blessed.

– William Wilberforce, Practical Hints About Authentic Faith, Real Christianity

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