The Expected Outcome of Authentic Faith

"The arguments against authentic faith are so complicated and yet flimsy at the same time, one wonders how anyone can actually hold such positions. Some may even say that we should not spend our time focusing on the more heavenly things that have no application to real life.  That certainly was not the thinking of the apostles in the New Testament. These men continually exhorted their audience to attend to the doctrines of the faith.  Read the Epistles (letters). Notice how often particular doctrines of the faith are mentioned and made the center of the writers' attention. Also notice that the pattern of the practical matters of ethics and behavior are often connected to these doctrines are the expected outcome of faith.  When you see the predominance of this pattern in the letters, you have to come to the conclusion that the Christianity practiced by many is an unscriptural religion."

 – Understanding Cultural Christianity , Real Christianity by William Wilberforce.


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