On Fatherhood and the Holy Trinity: The courtroom scene from the film, Evelyn

Judge: Silence in court.


Prosecuting Attorney: Even as a very dubious kind of Catholic…who finds himself throttling a nun…you must know that the fundamental building block of our society…is the family…whose very model is the Holy family…Jesus, Mary and Joseph. How can you, as a single father and as a Catholic…possibly claim to bring up your children without a mother? There is absolutely no precedent for it…in the religion in which you allegedly believe. Cat got your tongue…Mr. Doyle?


Desmond Doyle: There is….There is a precedent, as you’d like to call it.


Prosecuting Attorney: What are you saying? 


Desmond Doyle: The fundamental building block of our faith is not the Holy family…it’s the Holy Trinity. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. When my mother died…my father brought us up on his own…with only the Holy Spirit to guide him. He used to say the Holy Spirit was love. Doesn’t the Holy Bible say, ”…faith, hope and love…”but the greatest of these is love”?  l’ve given up the drink. l’ve worked all the hours God sends. l’ve become a better person to try and fill myself with the Holy Spirit…so l can bring my kids up surrounded by love. That’s all l can do. No man can do more.


from the film, Evelyn, based on a true story about a Father who pursued the return of his children from the state after their mother’s desertion of the family and whose case eventually overturned Irish Constitutional law regarding the rights of Fathers to the association, care and teaching of their children.


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