Standing By and Watching Evil Happen Because of a Political Manipulation of the Mind

Earlier today,, posted a "human rights" story without remembering the responsibility to report the whole story.  Normally I don't comment about these stories but when truth is forgotten because of the public's tendency to short memory and that "short memory" is exploited by those more interested in their selfish political agenda than they are justice, compassion, fairness, and reality, then I will speak out.  Here are my comments on the story above:

I remember reading just a few years back the horrible reports of the massive spread of HIV/AIDS in these countries (including Uganda) all over the Internet and other media. millions of innocent women were contracting AIDS from their adulterous husbands who were committing homosexual acts. Virgins were being sought after in order to infect them with the virus as these men thought it would remove the disease from themselves but cruelly thought it was appropriate to kill another to save themselves. Nothing was done about that other than mention of it and so-called educational programs (which have apparently been unsuccessful) Masses of children have been made orphans and infected by these treacherous and selfish acts. What of them? No one seems to be remembering what has been perpetrated on them. While I don't subscribe to the death penalty lightly, what are you going to do to address the wrongs done to these poor innocents? You're education programs have failed there. What rights and protections do these women and children get?

The comment highlighted by the article so that it would be taken out of context is the following:

"The parliament should be given the opportunity to discuss and pass the bill, because homosexuality is killing our society," Ssempa told the committee.

And what he meant is exactly the point I am making: these selfish acts by these men wanting to have homosexual acts at their pleasure has been killing others.  It has decimated innocent lives, whole populations, and we are now being told by the media to conveniently forget just exactly HOW these women and children got infected with a life-threatening illness in the first place.  Apparently, they don't have any human rights and their lives are expendable when massive selfishness is to be tolerated, that we are to oppose laws that would address their protection from devastating attack.  What do you do with a segment of people who have no concern for what they have done to the lives of others?  Are we supposed to stand by and let it keep happening because one group has the backing of people elsewhere who have political power and more money to manipulate our minds?

Shame on a society that has forgotten what real innocence is and stands by while it is slaughtered.

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