The Website IS the neighborhood

The web is consumed now through two experiences: the website and the mobile app.  Mobile apps, some say, will dominate and lessen the need for websites because they are customized and people want customization. But according to the Wired article "The Web is Dead", there is hope for the website…if it learns to see itself as a network, a network of partnerships and connections.  Business has and is having an impact on how we use and design the web and that is going to expand.  Once people travel less, there will be less need for billboard advertising and visual cues that drive traffic to events and business. When the web truly becomes what business wants it to be, the web site sponsorship will be the way people get known as they once did in the neighborhood and down the highway.  Think of the things you see everyday that cause you to want to be part of the traffic pattern: that has to be recreated on the web and more often because the web has less visual cues than real life environments.  Partnerships and connections for websites have to be about neighborhood building.  The website IS the neighborhood.


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