Numbers and Machines Crumble Into the Dust of Ages, But The Word of God Remains True Forever

Even if you are looking at the world with both a microscope and a telescope or calculating every equation you can, you still wouldn't have a full view of truth.  Mistakes are made or information left out.  Even numbers have their prejudicial view, for every week a new study comes out refuting the one before.  History is thrown out in favor of the chronological snobbery of the time. (Lewis) The elusive truth, the missing constant, is always there staring the numbers and stats in the face and calling out: "We are still learning" and expecting its listeners to be satisfied with man as god. The humbling thing for us all is to admit that the elusive part of truth is not in our numbers or our machines but in revelation. The real enlightenment only comes from God and He has deposited that information in His Son, Jesus: the rock which we either cling to and accept or fall upon and reject. And yet we need that light that only God provides through His Son, Jesus, to see and understand the whole truth. We say we want truth, but when it is offered to us, more often we are surprised and even appalled that truth could look like it does.  Truth sees everything: the hard and the easy, the ugly and the beautiful.  So, to understand that there will always be things that are hard to accept, but are true, one of which is to embrace pain as a teacher at times, admitting deep down that we oftentimes have need of it to get the foolishness and stubbornness out of us is a humbling thing.  And even more humbling, even then, to perceive that there are meant to be things left unknown where faith can grow and trust in Him can be established.  Humility is not a desire or quality of gods.  But it is the quality of the one true God, who offers to elevate us to being His Sons. He who submitted Himself to the likes of us to set the example. This is the truth.  And His word remains long after the numbers and machines have crumbled into the dust of ages.


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