Each of Us Reliving Eden Every day

"In a conversation with New Testament scholar and Professor Donald Carson on this very subject, I wondered aloud at what could be behind such wantonly destructive efforts of a certain few.  Carson replied, "They want their own canon."

That line pretty much sums up the whole debate.  Indeed, we are living in a time when we want our own canon for everything from sexuality to birthright—why not our own canon of the Scriptures as well?  In this sense, we each in our own way relive the episode of the Garden of Eden by questioning what God has said and demanding the right to set up a canon of our own.  Every generation will try to do the same, and attempt to bury the Scriptures, only to find the Bible re-emerging with triumphal power.  For it has as its centerpiece one who knows the way out of the grave."- Ravi Zacharias, "Their Own Canon", A Slice of Infinity, November 4, 2010


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