The Screwtape Letters: How To Get A Christian Man To Leave A Good Wife and Marry A Bad One….

…..Or To Marry A Bad Woman By Passing Over A Good One

 “That is the general strategy of the moment. But inside that framework you will 
still find it possible to encourage your patient’s desires in one of two 
directions. You will find, if you look carefully into any human’s heart, that he 
is haunted by at least two imaginary women—a terrestrial and an infernal Venus, 
and that his desire differs qualitatively according to its object. There is one 
type for which his desire is such as to be naturally amenable to the 
Enemy—readily mixed with charity, readily obedient to marriage, coloured all 
through with that golden light of reverence and naturalness which we detest; 
there is another type which he desires brutally, and desires to desire brutally, 
a type best used to draw him away from marriage altogether but which, even 
within marriage, he would tend to treat as a slave, an idol, or an accomplice. 
His love for the first might involve what the Enemy calls evil, but only 
accidentally; the man would wish that she was not someone else’s wife and be 
sorry that he could not love her lawfully. But in the second type, the felt evil 
is what he wants; it is that “tang” in the flavour which he is after. In the 
face, it is the visible animality, or sulkiness, or craft, or cruelty which he 
likes, and in the body, something quite different from what he ordinarily calls 
Beauty, something he may even, in a sane hour, describe as ugliness, but which, 
by our art, can be made to play on the raw nerve of his private obsession. 
The real use of the infernal Venus is, no doubt, as prostitute or mistress. But 
if your man is a Christian, and if he has been well trained in nonsense about 
irresistible and all-excusing “Love”, he can often be induced to marry her. And 
that is very well worth bringing about. You will have failed as regards 
fornication and solitary vice; but there are other, and more indirect, methods 
of using a man’s sexuality to his undoing. And, by the way, they are not only 
efficient, but delightful; the unhappiness produced is of a very lasting and 
exquisite kind, 
Your affectionate uncle 
SCREWTAPE ” – C. S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters

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