Getting Up To Reality: An Every Day Nobility

We often have gotten up thinking that life is predictable, full of stability and routine because we have harnessed the world and made it so with our money and technology.  But the reality is that life is anything but predictable.  When the illusion of predictability is pierced with the real fragility of life and the self-examination that brings, we see life in a new metaphor: we see what we are on the inside: the clay of evil; selfishness and greed and murder all deserving of death. But mixed with that, in lesser and greater amounts, is the gold of honor and nobility. It needs a motivation to refine it and bring it to the top. Our pursuit of pleasure called happiness wars with it in order to steal that ‘gold’ and misuse it for ourselves. Recognizing the reality that death is always there, always predictable in its inevitability, and is deserved is part of the motivation to stop this misuse. Life can then be seen in a more accurate metaphor:a re-run of the film ‘The Dirty Dozen‘: we are all misfit soldiers on death row awaiting a deserved execution. All the money and technology in life is a distraction and false. Getting up to their reality everyday moved the ‘Dirty Dozen’ to their nobility in the end. Getting up to our reality everyday should motivate us to an everyday nobility.  That God has provided a son around whom we can rally and whom we can love and respect as a leader makes a noble life not only possible but makes us desire that ‘gold’ for Him.


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